Tales of the Mermaid

stories, myths and legends about mermaids from around the world

I’ve been fascinated by mermaids for as long as I can remember.

Initially, as a child, watching Disney’s The Little Mermaid (and then being haunted by Hans Christian Andersen’s original). And later, as I read academic texts about the symbolism of mermaids.

But even after all that reading, after watching other movies in which mermaids were sea monsters with sharp teeth and claws, the mermaids in my head still took the form of gorgeous half-humans with magical fish tails.

Lately though, as I work on a story with a mermaid protagonist, I get the feeling that that’s not what she looks like in the ocean. I feel like she’s something more than magical.

She’s less mythical, but more monstrous. She walks among us more often than we realise. But she’s also more elusive than I thought.

I’ve been doing more research about mermaids and mermaid sightings, especially in relation to Southeast Asia. This series is a documentation of these mermaid stories.

If you’re mermaid-curious, feel free to follow along or tell your friends.