The Mermaid Diet

What do mermaids eat?

The Mermaid and the Satyr, Ferdinand Leeke
Issue #4

I’m thinking about food a lot this week. I started doing #the100DayProject and have been writing about food every day (almost) on Curious Eaterish.

Eating is one of my great pleasures, which is why I can’t help but wonder: What do mermaids eat?

And do they have their own version of cooking? Or do they eat everything as is. For the first time in my life, being a mermaid seems less magical. What is life without barbecue or gelato? No broths or smoothies? No brownies or chocolate chip cookies, no dumplings?

Sounds like a nightmare.

What do mermaids supposedly eat? | Quora

If mermaids were really half human, the human half of their anatomy makes it rather difficult for them to survive in the wild underwater. Unless, magic. But this Quora answer examines mermaid anatomy and what they’d look like depending on eating habits.

What do the mermaids eat? | USTA Magazine

In this interview with the director of the movie Córki Dancingu (“The Lure”), the mermaids eat human hearts. That’s the whole reason sirens lure sailors into the sea. Makes a lot of sense and sounds better than eating raw fish all day every day. I’ve also added this movie to my To Watch list.

What do mermaids eat? | Gransnet

This forum thread from 2015 was hilarious. (And yes, the website is exactly what it sounds like ie. the internet for grandparents.) One of the replies was particularly interesting. “Dead whales might produce a stomach that they could stuff like a haggis. No need to add salt.” 😂

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If you want to know more about #the100DayProject, there’s a website with more information. I’ve found it really useful for getting into the practice of working regularly on a project.

Until next Monday! (Hopefully.)

— Jeannette